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Sifu Bill Owens started training in Wun Hop Kuen Do under Sifu Al Dacascos in 1966 and attained 6th degree Black Belt in Wun Hop Kuen Do, 1st degree in Arnis and 3rd level in Capoeira. In addition to Sifu Al Dacascos, his instructors include Remy Preses and Bira Almeida. He has studied martial arts for over 25 years and has operated a school in Oakland, California for more than 20 years. During his own years of competition he won 107 trophies, was rated 5th in the World and rated #1 in Region 1 for three consecutive years. He is presently the Vice President of the Kusema Vijiti Institute and Secretary of the World Capoiera Association. He trained for more than 30 years in Wun Hop Kuen Do, 10 years in Filipino Stick Fighting (Arnis) and 10 years in the Brazilian Art of Capoiera. He was one of 10 Martial Artists (including Sifu Al Dacascos) invited by the Chinese Wushu Association of Beijing, China to attend the 1985 International Chinese Wushu Championships as a United States Martial Arts Representative. Sifu Bill Owens left Wun Hop Kuen Do in 2004 and continues to teach his own system he has named FaChuen or Blossom Fist.

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Styles/Systems Trained In:

Capoeira, Modern Arnis, Sil Lum Kung Fu

Name of Instructors/Mentors:
Bira Almedia, Remy Presas, Al Dacascos, Ming Lum, Michael Young, Clarence Tai Lee, Glen Abracey

Current Instructors/Mentors:
GOD, My Students, My Wife and Family, Ming Lum, Mike Young, Glen Abracey, Antwione Alferos

Years in the Martial Arts: